May 26, 2013


I’ve known Caroll for over 20 years. I watched with pride as she developed her successful life coaching practice. So, when I reached a crossroads in my career and began to transition out of the corporate world to follow my dream of starting my own consulting business, it made sense to turn to Caroll.


I had just the spark of an idea for a presentation I wanted to develop and I didn’t know how to bring it to life.  Caroll helped me take that idea and transform it into any authentic and inspiring message that today is my signature keynote.  She did more than ‘coach’ me…she helped me discover the ‘voice’ I had been searching for.


Today, I am a highly successful speaker, author and trainer.  Caroll’s guidance was instrumental in my finding the courage to step into my greatness and dream bigger.  If the spark of greatness is hiding inside of you, Caroll can bring it to life.



Leslie Zann



May 9, 2013


Hi, Caroll,


I read your Cup of Caroll yesterday about The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, which I had read years ago.  You wrote this time about the Fourth Agreement: Always do your Best.


It was perfect for me to read it when I did! I had a challenging work situation happen and I was waiting to hear the result, and in those 10 minutes, I read your blog.  Right after I read it, I received an email stating that my situation turned out to be in my favor!!  I thought, Wow, I just read this Cup of Caroll and I thought that I’d let you know that after I read it, I had this miracle happen.  Thanks to God…And thank you for always thinking of me…and happy anniversary!


Lots of love,



April 10, 2013


I first started working with Caroll in January 2012, based on the strong recommendation of a friend of mine and the complimentary coaching session I did with her.  My connection to her was immediate and so I decided to jump in and use Caroll’s help to get clarity about what I wanted to focus on for the next phase of my career.  While I had some ideas, I was not sure which of many possible directions to take. (I am a singer, actor, consultant and writer, among other things!)


Caroll efficiently and gently guided me to discover my unique life purpose and then helped me to create a focused action plan for moving forward on my goals that are aligned with my purpose. The plan has been clear, easy to execute, easy to expand. It provides a flexibility that allows me to cover all the areas I love to work in with grace and balance.


In short order, I was able to book a co-star role in a new major cable show, started my own international internet radio show that has steadily grown and expanded to thousands of listeners, and I have started my own success coaching business helping both new and established performers achieve a level of success that they had never dreamed was possible.  I am also writing my first book to assist more people in getting what they want in life.


All this was done with Caroll’s steady guidance and belief in me.  She has helped me continue to align my special purpose with receiving more of what I want for my life.  She has made all the big, rapid changes feel easy, fun and painless. I couldn’t be happier.


I recommend that if you are ready for great personal growth and prosperity to manifest quickly, call Caroll ASAP and have a complimentary session with her.  You won’t be sorry!




Michael Tatlock

Actor. Success Coach



December 7, 2012


Caroll Schwartz is the most experienced True Purpose ™ coach on the planet!  She has worked with hundreds of purpose coaching clients (far more than I have) and was the first coach to achieve every standard of training and excellence in the True Purpose ™ methodology, out of over 1,000 practitioners I have trained in six countries. 


The True Purpose ™ Coach Training program was her idea, and she personally implemented the True Purpose ™ Certification program, which she has led since its inception.  Caroll’s diligent and thorough design work has resulted in a world-class program with high standards and a robust curriculum; it gets consistently high marks from its graduate coaches. 


I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Caroll as a purpose coach of the highest order.  And she can be relied on to implement, manage and improve individual and group programs with complete confidence and no oversight.


Tim Kelley

Author of True Purpose

Founder of the True Purpose ™ Institute

October, 2012


Ms. Caroll,


It sometimes seems so empty to say “Thank You” -- because you, your kind words, your work have all impacted me and my life SO deeply.  It seems as if I’ve known you forever.  I always look forward to sharing your insights and wisdom. 


I so appreciate how you affirm us clients and see Infinite Possibilities for us.  What a great Mentor and Friend you are!



J. C.


July 27, 2012


Caroll is one rare coach who is fiercely committed to the success of her clients. She walks her talk. You may give up on yourself, but she won't give up on you! She will guide you lovingly every step of the way until you reach your goal.


I was very confused with my career, relationships and purpose when I engaged with Caroll for life purpose coaching. During our coaching, I discovered amazing skills and talents and other things about my deepest self that I had never been fully aware of before. The benefit of this coaching was that it helped me rebuild my broken trust and gain a lot of clarity on my purpose.

Thereafter, Caroll offered to work with me in achieving specific goals using Practical Prosperity coaching. I worked on two goals. One goal took me almost 4 months of inner and outer work. During these 4 months, Caroll was diligent with weekly check-ins, was extremely generous with her time. During this period, I ran out of money. Caroll did not even once ask me to pay the remaining balance! She trusted me, my future ability to pay and stood by her teachings. Because of her stand for me, I feel empowered, peaceful and more accepting of me. I am extremely grateful to Caroll for restoring my trust in myself, the Universe and others.

Her help and faith in me during the 4 most difficult months of my life has made me her lifelong client. What a wonderful lady! A hidden gem in the coaching industry. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.




May 12, 2010

Hi, Caroll,

I wanted to update you on several of the “Big Juicy Dreams” that I created in the Fresh Start 2010 tele-course that are all coming true at the same time!

My biggest dream, as you know, was to completely renovate our house. I didn’t know how we could do this, because we didn’t think it would appraise for much in this market.  To our surprise, it appraised for $100,000 MORE than we thought!  So now we are easily going to get a low-interest loan. We are in the process of signing with the contractor to get it done right now and I am so excited to get started on creating our dream house!

Another dream I created in the course was to run a 5K race by October.  I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 12 lbs and I’ve been running 2.3 miles twice a week to train.  I never thought I’d be a runner but I am now “on track” to do my first 5K this summer – well ahead of my original schedule!

As you know, I am an elementary school teacher and I’ve been teaching 3rd grade for awhile. There have been significant changes in our school district and my current school is transitioning to become all 4th and 5th grade.  I really wanted to stay in my school and to work with an administrator I really admire.  So, during my 5k training runs, I just kept visualizing myself staying and working with the administrator. I just got my new teaching assignment and guess what?  Yes, I’m going to be teaching 5th grade next year with my favorite administrator in my same building!

So, as you can see, in just a couple of months, BIG things are starting to happen for me!  The Fresh Start 2010 Course made me see that it has so much to do with how I’m feeling.  I envisioned what I wanted while I ran and I always take time each day to FEEL grateful for my life, just the way it already is, as well as for the new things I know are coming to me soon.  While others around me have been worrying and complaining, I’ve been visualizing and thanking the Universe and it really works!

I am so grateful for this course!  I am definitely going to spread the word about it.  I hope you and Sue get to teach many other people how to reach their Big, Juicy Goals just like I did!



March 15, 2010

Hey Caroll,I wanted to let you know how things have been going since we finished our Practical Prosperity Coaching together last year.

Over the last few months I have really learned how to stop trying to figure out the "how." Great advice from you! I say my Daily Success Script and just trust that they will happen. Then I let it go.

I was hit with a ton of bricks last week, when I checked my savings account. I am totally honest when I say I don't know where the $ 200.00 came from in it! The balance was zero a couple of weeks ago. I KNOW I have not put $200.00 in it, but I praise God, because I know it was from my faith, and I am leaving it at that.

My son who was laid off for many months is now working 40 hours or more.  That was my "intention" that I have been saying: " My son will get a job working 40 hours a week and overtime if he wants.”  Check that off my list!

As far as my intention to grow my crafts business, a lot has been happening. I found a class I wanted to take 2 hours away, which cost $600.00. Where was I going to get the money?  I asked (couldn't hurt) if I could pay in installments. The instructor said yes! I have been paying monthly and am down to just needing the last $200.00, which I now have in my savings!  One of my affirmations is "I consistently attract the right people to help me grow my business." So many opportunities have opened up and I am working to have my products placed in a number of local businesses.

Thank you so much for introducing me to the principals of manifesting!  I continue to read a lot of different books and stay open to the opportunities that come to me.I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know who can use more prosperity in their lives!

K. C.



March 30, 2006


Dear Coach Caroll,


Have you ever met a person who has made a huge difference in someone’s life because they learned to turn simple tasks or relationships into exciting opportunities to bring God’s love and presence into another person’s life?  Well, I have—it’s you!


Your coaching me through the Dream Coach work book and process has been an amazing, life changing adventure of self discovery for which I am so grateful.  Knowing my purpose directs my choices—all of them. My life is much more peaceful, fulfilling–and fun–living each day ON purpose and IN purpose. 


My Dream has become “my Dreams” and the world has opened up with unlimited possibilities, each and every one exciting!  I’ve gotten the raise that I wanted.  I’ve established a meaningful and honest relationship with my boss.  I have greatly enriched my marriage of 34 years.  I’ve taken first steps in building a new and exciting business that embrace my purpose of encouraging and touching the lives of people…and so much more to come!


Caroll, you are a light unto my path! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance.  Thank you for acknowledging and affirming me.  Thank you for holding me accountable to my dream and purpose.  You are kind, forthright, loving, supportive, my guide, real, and there for me.  Thank you for being who you are, for it is there where I am able to meet you and be real too.  I need you in my life.







Hi Caroll,


I wanted to say thank you so very much!  I am so happy and grateful for your coaching!  Winning a free month of coaching from being on your calls came at exactly the right moment of my life and was a true blessing. 


Your ability to help identify that specific “limiting belief” that has been such a menace in my life for so long broke me out of “jail” (figuratively of course) and out of a pattern of thinking that was very unsatisfying and blocked me from accomplishing so much.  Once you helped uncover it, I was able to see how much it colored my world and really got in my way.  We all know some of our limiting beliefs, but without your help, I am fairly certain I would not have identified this one!


After working with you for one month on attracting the right job into my life – it appeared!  And I am now employed with a great job and I am so happy.  So many other things have shifted in my life in a positive way, and I believe that the coaching made the difference!  I continue to recite my New Empowering Belief every day.   


Thank you again, Caroll.  My life has shifted and changed for the better.  You’ll be seeing more of me in the months to come!


Best to You,




May 14, 2008

Dear Caroll,

Thank you for all the amazing results that I got from our Practical Prosperity Coaching!  As you know, I am a realtor and I created a VERY big goal of having 20 leads come to me for qualified buyers or sellers in just one month.  I had no idea how that was going to happen, since I was just getting back into the business after several years away and so I have a very small referral network.

My other concern is that I am a very busy mother and I was afraid that all the new business I wanted to create would take me away from my family and make me feel stressed and overworked.  You told me that I could also set the intention that all this new business would be easy for me to handle.  I was skeptical but willing to try to believe that was possible.

Well, today is the 30th day and I didn’t get the 20 real estate leads – I got 24!  I now have 7 homes in escrow and I am showing 13 qualified buyers lots of properties.  There has been a flood of referrals and people calling from all kinds of places.  Just today, a new potential client said they saw one of my signs and just decided to call me. 

The best part is that is HAS been “easy and effortless,” just like you said it could be.  I went away for the weekend with my family and out of the blue one of my co-workers offered to let me put her phone number on my message machine, in case one of my clients needed help while I was away. I couldn’t believe her generosity!

I feel like a whole new person.  The other realtors at my office constantly compliment me now on how I am always happy and smiling. I’m enjoying life a lot more.  I can relax now, knowing with all my heart that it IS going to happen for me!

I truly don’t know where my family and I would be without Practical Prosperity Coaching.  I am recommending you to everyone I know!

Thank you!



August, 2008

Practical Prosperity Coaching:

My dream dealt with an ending and new beginnings.  Caroll's spiritual approach and coaching structure together are very inspirational and I found them to be an excellent daily guide.  Her passionate belief in the power of manifesting a dream is strong and very infectious. 

I followed her guidance, did my Daily Success Script aloud each day and kept my commitment, opening the "How" it would be delivered up to the Universe and letting go & letting God.  My dream was realized in the time frame we co-created it to be.

I opened my dream up further and continued to follow the same criteria with a new time frame.  In creating my intention I added the words "This or something better."  In the middle of the timeframe set, "This or something better" became a reality. 

My day begins spiritually with Caroll's Daily Success Script and a knowing that all is unfolding exactly as it's meant to be.   I highly recommend her coaching expertise, and have carried her guidance and suggestions into other areas of my life. 



August, 2008

Life Purpose Coaching:

I thought I knew what I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to do in my life.  Somehow that clarity went away and with it, my purpose and the essence of myself.  Luckily for me, I was put in contact with Coach Caroll. Working with her, going through several steps, I was able to connect with my life's purpose. 

Caroll will tell you I was a bit of a challenge.  However, with her guidance and patience, I was able to focus in on what I am meant to do.  As a result, I am energized and yet have a sense of peace.  When I am faced with the daily assaults that happen when you are in business for yourself, I am able to re-center myself and my efforts because I am clear about why I am in the world, what my Purpose is, and what my Mission in life is.

I heartily recommend Caroll Schwartz as a guide for accessing your Life Purpose. Knowing your Purpose will bring you energy and inner support to handle the draining deterrents we encounter daily that previously were overwhelming and hindered you from what you were meant to achieve and receive in this life.

B. H.


August 10, 2009


Dear Caroll,


Life Purpose Coaching with you was absolutely what I was looking for.  As a result, I’m thinking more clearly and living more purposefully and things are even going better at work!


You are a great coach.  You helped me stay focused and organized to get what I needed to get.  Working together with you, I got what I was looking for as far as my life purpose and what I needed to be able to communicate with God.


I am going to highly recommend you to everyone I know who is looking for their life purpose.  I will also tell them about your free monthly telephone classes about creating prosperity, too, which are awesome!


Thank you!






Dear Caroll,
Thank you so much for the Life Purpose coaching. It was great to focus and reflect on what my purpose is, and your guidance really brought out some interesting discoveries. I appreciated your professionalism in the whole process. Most exciting, amazing things started "coming out of the blue" during the entire process- now that I'm on the other side of it, I have a whole range of exciting new opportunities and "action items" that I can move forward with. Highly recommended!

Marlene D.


September, 2008

Fresh Start Coaching with Caroll Schwartz and Sue Koch:

Before starting the Fresh Start Program, I felt like I was stuck personally and professionally. I wanted to learn more about myself to better meet my potential. The program gave me clarity and a better understanding of myself. It helped me give myself permission to do things just for the sake of creating a fun experience.


My next step is to move to a new city to pursue a career that's aligned with my own behavior style and values. I'm really looking forward to whatever comes next!


Audrey M.

Recruiting Coordinator



July 28, 2008

Dear Caroll,

I want to thank you so much for your Practical Prosperity Teleseminar!

When I began the four-hour course in June, I immediately started to really focus on my goal of finding 10 enthusiastic new team members to join me in my direct selling business.  This was a real stretch goal for me -- especially since I am 8 months pregnant!  But even though I was not working on building my business at my usual pace, I still had incredible results.

What made the biggest difference in the whole process you taught me was about the importance of having a positive BELIEF about my goal.  I didn’t realize that I was actually holding myself back with an old, limiting belief about recruiting new Team members.  You helped me uncover exactly what my negative belief was and how to replace it with a new, empowering belief that really lights me up!

I had just finished your Practical Prosperity Teleseminar and didn’t even have time to really begin doing my Daily Success Script when ELEVEN new business builders just showed up almost magically!  I didn’t make even ONE phone call or appointment to find them -- every one of them came to ME – effortlessly, just like you said would happen! 

I am convinced that your system really works and I have already referred friends and my Team members to you for Practical Prosperity Coaching so they can have their dreams come true in 30 days or less too!


M. S.



Thank you so much in partnering with me to create prosperity in my life. Literal mountains have moved since our work together.

On a conscious level I understand that what I say, think, read, hear and surround myself with impacts my vibration; such that when I say what I want and my wants are not in alignment with the little voice in my head, the actions I am taking or the subtle ways I contradict myself, I have put up a road block to the abundance that is available.  

I was so impressed that you could hear when my speaking was really close but not quite on the mark. You kept inviting me to the powerful place of speaking at the highest vibration and knew when it occurred.  

What has occurred for me is, I have taken the focus off of my son's business and put it on me. I have created something better. Through my irresponsibility and reliance on others I had accrued a substantial debt with the IRS.   When I got clear that what I wanted was:

1.    To take responsibility for my mistake and be responsible now

2.   The IRS to accept my offer in compromise

3.    Completion (accepted & paid) with the IRS by December 31,2008

My attorney told me most cases took at least a year and we would be really lucky to have a response by December 31,2008. I kept saying what I want is completion by December 31st and I want the IRS to say yes.  What I got was a ‘love letter’ from the IRS 6 weeks after all the paperwork was filed – not 1 year, not 6 months, 6 weeks! – accepting my offer.

With that completion, my business has started to flourish, people are showing up wondering what I’m up too, I have more friends, I wake up energized, I am love and acceptance…I am alive.  

Blessings and Gratitude,

Sara be




I wanted to start by thanking you so much! I have been very fortunate to have you as my coach.  I have had many breakthrough and results in the past 2 months of coaching. I truly believe you came into my life at this point for a reason.

Our conversations apply to my day- to-day life and fears and rewards. The coaching you provide is in direct connection to my subconscious and conscious thoughts I have daily. Last night, I was rewriting my notes from our call and noticed that I had journalized a lot of the same words about relationship topics, accountability, apathy, authenticity and self-confidence and passion.

Thank you again for your support, guidance and coaching!
Thank You!




Caroll -

Just a quick update.  I DID manifest the money I worked on creating during the prosperity training we did.  I cashed out an old 401k account and paid off quite a bit of the credit card debt my husband and I created.  This allowed me to experience the flow of 'plenty of money' and set my mind at ease.  That happened in August/September. 

I'm excited about your speaking engagements and the future I'm creating for myself.  It's good to keep in touch with you

Blessings in all you do!




February 3, 2006,


Thank you for the acknowledgment. It lights me up to talk to you, too.  I appreciate that you are so centered, grounded, reliable and encouraging.  And I love that you consistently have a good disposition…You are very uplifting to be around.  Thank you for all that you provide to me and the world!






I have been receiving mentor coaching from Caroll since August, and it is the single most important thing I have done to advance my coaching business.  Caroll is practical, goal-oriented and very compassionate, which is the perfect combination for me.  Her listening skills are extraordinary, and she "hears between the lines."  At the same time that she is helping me to be more loving with myself, she is walking me through setting goals for my coaching business. She holds me accountable and she believes that I can achieve my goals. 

Most importantly, though, Caroll is generous with her knowledge and experience--she shares ideas for avoiding costly mistakes and she also shares information about techniques and business practices that REALLY work.   

Caroll is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I am so very fortunate to be working with her.




Certified Dream Coach ®




Mentor coaching with Caroll has been extremely rewarding.  She has given me valuable ideas, feedback and encouragement as I developed my coaching practice.  Through her mentoring I have increased my confidence and my skills.   

Working with Caroll, I have a partner who is dedicated to my learning and success. I am grateful for her support.


Lucy Buckner


April 4, 2006

Dear Caroll,
Do you remember the coaching assignment where we were to experiment with new
experiences? Many of the things I wanted to try had a price tag that I
couldn't afford, so I had to think of something that would cost no money and
still advance a dream that I had. For me, that was going to a car dealership
and looking at my dream minivan….


At first the salesman insisted that a 10% down payment was required
(something I couldn't do). Then he suggested looking at a lesser vehicle
("no" again, I said). I knew that I had the right to hold on to the vision
of my dream car, even if it meant that I had to wait to receive it.
After an hour and a half of discussion, I left the dealership with my dream
minivan! It was the first purchase I had ever made in my name alone -- and
with only "Homemaker" listed on the "Occupation" line. My husband's income
was considered mine, too, so only my signature was needed. Incredible! A
true miracle, and the manifestation of a determined dreamer!


…. With such an amazing series of events, I just knew that, somehow, the money
to make the payments would materialize too. In fact, just a few days later,
my husband signed another client to his consulting business. This additional
income will arrive just when the first car payment is due!
Caroll, the lessons I learned from you made this dream come true. I just
know it. In the past I would have borrowed from family in such an emergency.
This time I BELIEVED I was able to create what I wanted. I KNEW I was doing
the things I needed to do to make it happen. Still, no one is more shocked
and amazed than me that it actually did!
With ENORMOUS Thanks,



January 15, 2008

Caroll began coaching me several years ago. I immediately saw the value of having her as a coach and as a partner to challenge, assist, and direct me.

We have worked on many aspects of my life together, such as relationships, careers, and fulfilling my dream of writing a book. Like most people, I was running into challenges and roadblocks along the way. Caroll suggested that discovering my life purpose would help me in achieving my dreams with more flow and ease.

Even though I thought I knew what my purpose in life was, I took Caroll’s suggestion and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. During the life purpose secession, I learned more about myself in only a few hours than I had in 32 years.

Besides learning my life purpose, I received the biggest insight that has changed my life. I have always had good intuition, but I never listened to it. I was skeptical of my own inner voice.

Through the life purpose work I did, I learned that being so skeptical of my own intuition was causing most of the roadblocks to fulfilling my dreams. My inner voice was trying to give me the quickest and easiest way to fulfilling my dreams and by ignoring it, I was choosing the hard and challenging way.

My life is so much easier now that I have had life purpose coaching with Caroll. I have achieved results that I never would have thought I could. Meeting Caroll and having her coach me has changed my life.





February 19, 2007


You always say the most perfect thing at the perfect time.  That is your gift and I am glad you are sharing it with the world. 


I will continue to share the “amazingness” that is Caroll with everyone I meet.  My intention is that everyone I know meets you and sees what your coaching could open up for them in their own lives. 


You Rock!






I just wanted to let you know that the Lord answered my prayer and I sold my log cabin studio in the following 2 weeks that I wrote to you.  It sold for $17,000, which is almost $6,000 more than I bought it for in 2000!  Praise God!

God Bless You
   ~ P.V. ~



Dear Caroll,

You are the BEST...the BEST THE BEST. You are hired to coach me through ALL my clients when we do Life Purpose.  My session [with my Dream Coaching client] was simply AMAZING and I owe it to you....




March 17, 2008

Dear Caroll,

You asked me to tell you what I got out of the Dream Coaching program.  I am very happy with the results!

When we first started talking, I was feeling very hesitant to retire from my job, even though I had been planning to do that for some time.  The main thing that stopped me was wondering, “What am I going to do with myself?”

Now that we have completed our coaching, I feel ready to go and do many fun things.  That’s a real change.  I didn’t even consider doing something FUN to earn a little money and be productive after retirement. I see now that I can be as busy as I want to be – at something FUN.

I also am happier and I smile more.  I feel a lot better about myself and this course helped me see my blessings. I appreciate all the people I have in my life who will help me with my Dream.

I have the confidence to move forward with my dreams and the tools to accomplish a new dream when it comes along.

Many thanks,



March 19, 2008

Dear Caroll,

I just wanted to let you know that the Dream Coaching session with my client went extremely well.  We completed finding her Life Purpose and she was just in “awe”!  She said she went to many therapists for help and never received such clarity and help in her life.  She said that she wanted to give me a standing ovation!

Caroll, you are such an incredible Mentor Coach and I thank you with all my heart.



April 21, 2008

Dear Caroll,

You helped me to let go of the negative beliefs that were holding me back from achieving my fullest potential and true purpose. Letting go of those limiting beliefs has made a dramatic impact in my life. I am no longer my own worst enemy, but rather I’ve become my own biggest cheerleader, internally. It’s impacted my own self-talk as well as the way I interact with others and encourage them to achieve their own fullest potential. Using Practical Prosperity Coaching, I manifested the money for a brand-new laptop computer from scratch in just 6 weeks! 

I highly recommend Caroll to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. There’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain.

With many thanks,



May 7, 2008

I was considering a career change and a friend suggested I contact Sue and Caroll. I wanted clarity about what my next step should be. The Fresh Start Program helped me separate the goal / desire for a career change from the goal of finding my purpose. This allowed me to broaden the scope of possibilities. I now have a clear understanding of my purpose and I am taking actions to align my direction with my purpose. I now have this as my compass for making future career decisions.

Sue and Caroll were very helpful in assisting me to clarify my purpose and identify my next steps. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is facing a crossroad decision.

Cheryl R.


May 15, 2008

I found Caroll to be extremely helpful in helping me coach my first client.  She is very knowledgeable, understands the Dream Coaching process completely and is very generous with her time and suggestions.  I am very grateful to continue to learn and understand the Dream Process with Caroll, as I look forward to being the best Coach I know how to be.  Caroll is a wonderful teacher!

Mara Diamond