True Purpose Coaching™

Certified True Purpose Coach™ Caroll Michel Schwartz offers her clients a unique opportunity to discover the essence of who they are and what their life is meant to be about.


What is your “True Purpose™”?


Everyone has a True Purpose™ that answers the questions:

Why am I here?

Who am I at the core of my being?

What am I meant to be doing with my life?


Why would you want to know what your True Purpose™ is?


When we are doing things in our life that are in alignment with our Purpose, we feel fulfilled, excited, and that we are making a difference in the world.  Things seem to go smoothly and happy “coincidences” bring good things to us on a regular basis. Our life just seems filled with ease and synchronicity.


Conversely, when how we spend our time and the people we spend it with are out of sync with who we truly are at our core, we seem to face obstacle after obstacle and even with some material success, our life feels strangely unfulfilling.  We are never really satisfied and have the nagging sense that “There must be more to life than this!” 


Knowing your Purpose can greatly enhance your life.  You can experience more fulfillment, happiness and success, and often more financial abundance, because people who are living their Purpose are doing what they are the very best at -- expressing the essence of who they truly are. 


Also, we all have a yearning to know that we will have left our mark on the world by the end of our life.  We want to be remembered as someone who made a difference in the lives of others and fulfilled our own highest potential.


How is it done?


Coach Caroll Michel Schwartz is certified in the unique method of Purpose-finding developed by Certified Dream Coach ® Tim Kelley. Using both outer-directed and inner-directed resources, she helps her clients discover the True Purpose™ that has been running throughout their life, comprised of their “Essence” (who they are at their core) and their “Blessing” – what they are here to do.


The process is done entirely by phone and usually requires just a few sessions ranging from 30 to 90 minutes each.  The client will also be given enjoyable assignments for doing inner-directed assignments between sessions, which often yield valuable information, insight and details about their Purpose.  Most clients complete their True Purpose™ coaching in six to eight weeks.


Complimentary Consultation


To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to see if this is the right time for you to find your True Purpose™, simply email with your name and phone number and a good time to reach you.

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