Fresh Start Coaching

Don't let your job be just a paycheck.

Make it an expression of who you really are.


Does your job leave you feeling drained, unappreciated or exhausted?

It’s time to change direction. 

Have you recently retired and are wondering “What should I do with the rest of my life?”

It’s time for a Fresh Start!


Two seasoned Life Coaches have designed the Fresh Start Coaching Program

to help you create the career or retirement of your Dreams:


Step 1: Certified True Purpose Coach™ Caroll Michel Schwartz uses an effective and enjoyable process to help you discover your Life Purpose and answer the questions:


  • Who am I at the core of my being?
  • What am I meant to be doing with my life?  

Step 2: Once you have identified your unique, special quality and talents, Career and Life Design Specialist Sue Koch helps you identify and pursue a career that best fulfills your Purpose.  Career and Life Design coaching is for you if you want:


  • To revitalize and energize your career
  • A career worthy of your talent and time
  • To break through roadblocks that stop you
  • To design exhilarating career growth strategies
  • A livelihood aligned with your purpose and values
  • To transform your company into an inspired workplace
  • A fun, active and rewarding retirement

Don’t Delay!  Receive substantial savings – OVER 25% OFF their usual rates!

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