Dream Coaching®

Our heartfelt, lifelong dreams are the highest expression of our True Purpose.  Whatever you are truly passionate about is an indication of who you are authentically meant to be and what you are truly meant to be doing with our life.


What is a Dream?


A dream is any heartfelt desire you have.  It could be something you need or something you want simply because it matters to you.  A career that fulfills you, the happy romantic relationship you have been seeking your whole life, financial abundance, a new car, an outlet for expressing yourself creatively – all of these are “dreams” and all are worthy of being fulfilled. No dream is too small or too big.  The only criterion for a dream is your passion for it.


What is Certified Dream Coaching ®?


Caroll Michel Schwartz’s friend and mentor, Marcia Wieder, has earned the title “America’s Dream Coach” by helping people make their dreams come true for over 20 years through personal coaching, writing numerous books and articles and speaking to audiences of thousands.  She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show several times to talk about the importance of having dreams and fulfilling them.

 Caroll is privileged to be one of only a few Certified Dream Coaches ® in the entire world who have been taught personally by Marcia Wieder exactly how to convert dreams into reality.  Using Marcia Wieder’s simple, proven system, Caroll leads her clients step-by-step through the enjoyable process for making ANY dream come true – from start to finish.  

The 10-Session Dream Coach Workbook ® includes topics such as Integrity – The Key to Manifestation, Live on Purpose, Believe in your Dreams, Learn from your Doubter, and Building Your Dream Team.  These weekly coaching session topics are the building blocks to not only manifesting one big dream, but ALL of your dreams.  Once you have been through the entire Dream Coaching course, you will have mastered how to create and fulfill any dream.  

Included as part of the Dream Coaching ® course, at no additional cost, you will discover your True Purpose, a huge value in and of itself.  And you will learn how to build a Dream Team of people who are eager to help you fulfill your dreams – this is the number one “shortcut” to making your dreams come true.  Finally, you will learn what it means to truly live as a Visionary – creating and fulfilling dreams in every area of your life for the rest of your life!


Complimentary Consultation


Dream Coaching ® is done by phone and each 50-minute session will be scheduled at your convenience. To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation about YOUR dreams, simply email caroll@coachyourdream.com with your name and phone number and a good time to reach you.



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