About Caroll

Professional Background

Caroll Michel Schwartz has a broad background of experience in marketing, marketing research, product sales, customer service training, fundraising and teaching. She is also a published freelance writer and editor who holds a B.A. in English Literature with High Honors from the University of California, Irvine and a secondary teaching credential in English.

As a full-time coach, speaker and trainer since 2004, Caroll’s clients include housewives, realtors, managers, mortgage brokers, entrepreneurs, professional writers, actors and attorneys.


Coaching Background


Following two years of unpaid coaching in various programs with an international leadership and personal development organization, Caroll took her initial training in the Fundamentals of Life Coaching in 2004 from Coach U, one of the largest, most respected coaching training schools in the world.

Caroll then went on to become extensively trained in several specialties:


  • She became a Certified Dream Coach ® and Group Leader Dream Coach ®, by Marcia Wieder (“America’s Dream Coach”).  With this coaching, Caroll guides clients and groups through a step-by-step program that guarantees to make any life dream come true. Marcia Wieder considers Caroll to be the most expert Dream Coach she has trained, and requested that she serve as a Mentor Coach to provide ongoing training to other Dream Coaches.

  • She has been certified by Tim Kelley as a True Purpose Coach™ and has served as a Mentor Coach in the True Purpose Institute™, training and certifying other True Purpose Coaches™.

  • Her newest specialty is Practical Prosperity Coaching™, which she invented. Using a simple, 20-minute daily practice for harnessing the Law of Attraction, Caroll helps her clients reach their abundance goals with maximum efficiency.


As an adjunct to coaching, Caroll regularly presents live workshops, webinars and teleclasses on setting and attaining goals, living with integrity, understanding life purpose and creating abundance. 

She has been featured on several radio programs and has been a featured speaker on Marcia Wieder’s weekly telecourse, Dream Talk ®, discussing the fundamentals of creating prosperity.


Personal Background


At age 53, twice-divorced Caroll decided to use her own Practical Prosperity Coaching © technique to finally find the “Man of her Dreams.” Two weeks after registering on the eHarmony relationship website, she was matched with widower Rick Schwartz, a professional realtor, and they were married a little over one year later.  They happily reside in Southern California with Rick's son and assorted pets.


Caroll has traveled extensively in the Pacific and Europe and is looking forward to more world travel opportunities with Rick in the near future.