Why Hire a Coach?

My entire job description as a professional Coach is simply this: to help you get what YOU want.


My clients often come to me when they are at a crossroads in life.

They may have just quit a long-term career or had it taken away from them… Or they are unhappy with their current career but don’t know how to find a better fit. Perhaps they are facing a whole new chapter in their life due to an impending retirement or “empty nest.” Maybe they have finally ended an unsatisfying relationship and long to find the Perfect Mate who has eluded them.


They may be struggling to cope with long standing challenges or facing daunting new ones. Perhaps they are tired of trying to live on less money than they want and deserve. Maybe they are sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired” and they are finally ready to take charge of their health and live their best life. Maybe they have recently lost a loved one and can’t imagine how to live a fulfilling life on their own.


They believe they have more to give the world than what they have been able to express up to now.

Many are eager to find a new career, start a new business or non-profit enterprise -- but before they move forward, they want to be sure it will be a good fit for their unique gifts and talents. They want to begin living their own unique True Purpose ™ – but they aren’t sure exactly what that is. 


Are YOU ready for a change in your life, too, but something is stopping you?

You may know what you want but you are not sure how to get it. Or maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, but you are 100% clear that you don’t want what you have right now! Or maybe you know exactly what you want and what you need to do to get it, but you doubt that you can stick to the plan -- you need support to stay on track until you cross the finish line.


How would it feel to have a committed partner to help you get exactly what you want and live your most purposeful life?

As a full-time, professional, certified Coach since 2004, I have helped hundreds of people get what they want and become who they were meant to be. I have the training, skills, tools and life experience to help you get crystal clear on your goals and guide you every step of the way to reach them.


Let me help you turn your possibility into REALITY

I invite you to contact me TODAY to schedule a FREE, no-obligation phone consultation. Let’s discuss your unique situation and needs and then you can decide for yourself if I can assist you in reaching your heartfelt goals.


To Your Unlimited Success,


Caroll Michel Schwartz

Certified Dream Coach ®

Certified True Purpose Coach™

The Practical Prosperity Coach ™


(888) 503-8145


“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being.  Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled our inner light.” 
-- Albert Schweitzer



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